Research and Educational Opportunities

Amgen Scholars

The Amgen Scholars Program is a national program aimed at increasing research opportunities for students committed to pursuing careers in the sciences such as biology, chemistry, and bio-technical related fields. Research projects, along with scientific seminars, workshops, and networking events, prepare participants to pursue a Ph.D. degree and research careers in the sciences and biotechnology.

JPL Summer Internship

The JPL Summer Internship Program offers a 10-week, full-time, summer internship opportunity at JPL to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. Mentors guide students to complete projects that relate to their field of study and that contribute to NASA and JPL missions. A year-round internship program is also available.

JPL Visiting Student Research Program (JVSRP)

The JPL Visiting Student Research Program, or JVSRP, offers research opportunities to students who have a compatible research interest with NASA/JPL and have secured funding from third-party sponsors who are not associated with NASA or JPL funding sources

JPL Postdoctoral Programs

Spaceward Bound

Classroom educators (class 5-12) work side by side with NASA Scientists to explore remote and extreme environments.

STEM Teacher and Researcher Program (STAR)

Students spend nine summer weeks working full-time with a research team on innovative projects in a field that interests them. Includes education workshops and conferences. Students from any California State University (CSU) campus may participate.

Student Independent Research Intern program (SIRI)

The Student Independent Research Intern program, or SIRI, offers academic-term internships at JPL for students enrolled in an independent study course at participating Los Angeles and Orange County area colleges and universities. Students must have a faculty sponsor.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program gives students the opportunity to conduct research under the guidance of experienced mentors. Students experience the process of research from beginning (developing a project) to end (presenting their results in a seminar).

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